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Jun 9, 2022 There is a new face at Canterbury Park! Meet CC Perkinson.
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Los Alamitos Feature

May 7, 2022

The latest feature from Los Alamitos with CC Perkinson, Racehorse trainer at Los Alamitos race track in Southern California, talks about her last race at Los Alamitos and her move to Canterbury! #perkinsonracingstables #ccperkinson


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CC Perkinson – giving horse training a caring touch!

C C Perkinson – giving horse training a caring touch!

Equestrian Prowess You Can Bet On

JUNE 23, 1999 12 AM PT

Her face is caked in mud, but C.C. Perkinson is smiling. Is she modeling the latest facial mask? Hardly, though she has the skin, the looks and the smile for it.

There is nothing subtle about the application of this mud “mask.” It was kicked into her face by a pack of 1,200-pound horses muscling their way toward the finish line. We’re talking slimy, grimy mud, from the home stretch at Los Alamitos racetrack.

Perkinson, 31, wears crusting crud proudly. Like any professional horse jockey, she is committed, competitive, determined and, not least of all, talented. By all accounts, this 5-foot-1 athlete has the right stuff. But as with most professional sports arenas, the racetrack is male-dominated turf. Perkinson’s tack is to let her talent speak for itself.

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C C Perkinson – giving horse training a caring touch!

In a time when the sport of horse racing needs as much positive publicity as it can get, people like former jockey and current trainer C C Perkinson can give the sport that boost.

Trainers have been under the microscope for medications their horses are given and every time that happens, groups like PETA attack, trying to end the sport.

Perkinson has jumped back into the training ranks after giving it a brief shot back in 2001-2002. She saddled her first horse in 19 years when she sent out Crookhaven Lass at Los Alamitos on March 5.

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